National Young Authors’ Fair 2023 (NYAF 2023)

Many students from Azra Public School participated in the National Young Authors’ Fair 2023 (NYAF 2023). Published the books and won The Published Author Certificate for the same.

Our students’ remarkable achievements have garnered widespread acclaim, gaining recognition from esteemed national and global media outlets. Notably, their success has been showcased on platforms such as Disney International HD, NDTV, Times of India-NIE, and Education World. This widespread acknowledgment underscores the exceptional accomplishments of our students, highlighting their excellence on both national and international stages. The coverage across these influential media channels reflects not only the significance of their achievements but also the broader impact they have made in the realms of education and beyond. As their accomplishments continue to be celebrated on such prominent platforms, it underscores the institution’s commitment to nurturing and showcasing talent on a global scale.

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