My Journey from Azra Public School to becoming a Scientist!!



I have always been a curious individual. The excitement of learning something new and the joy of discovery has always driven me to excel in school. I completed my schooling at Azra Public School, Hyderabad, where I got an excellent foundation to pursue my higher studies.  All the teachers were very supportive throughout my journey. I still remember how fascinated I was when I first saw paramecium under a microscope. That’s when I fell for the beauty of science. I was always encouraged to participate in activities that nurtured my talents and interests. I chose to study Biology in college because of my interest and aptitude for this subject right from school. I passed out from AZPS in 2017 with a 10/10 CGPA. 

Next, I joined Junior College, to study BPC & NEET for the next two years. I passed my intermediate with flying colors and also qualified for NEET. I joined B.Sc Genetics, Chemistry, and Microbiology. I found the research at the molecular level exciting. While in college, I nurtured my interests by participating in five different research internships. I had always dreamt of going abroad for my higher studies. I went to the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire through the Global Undergraduate (UGRAD) International Exchange  Program fully funded by the United States Department of State. In the past 10 years, only four students got selected for this program amongst whom I am one. I am now a Master’s student in the MSc in Biological and Biomedical Sciences program at the  University of Minnesota. I want to be an inspiration to all the girls in my community. I have a goal which is to implement my learning and knowledge in my home country, after receiving an education abroad. With the academic foundation that I received, I am certain that I’ll excel at the University of Minnesota in the upcoming future.

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